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Rise and Shine Review

Remember the days of old school arcade shooters where the main objective was to move to the right and bash the shoot button in any direction in the hopes that the enemies would run into your slow moving fire and die? Well, now you can relive those experiences with Rise and Shine, a game about moving to the right and firing wildly until everything dies! So I will quickly recommend this game to all of you trigger happy button mashers and arcade lovers, but to the rest of you that need some convincing, allow me to convince you…by starting with the bad points!

is a game developed by Super Mega Team and published by Adult Swim Games.


Rise and Shine is more of a game about the gameplay and lacks a lot in the ways of a story. It’s very short and can be quickly completed in a day. The story starts off with you playing as a kid named “Rise”, and you receive a legendary talking gun named “Shine” (thus the name of the game. I know clever). From there, you are the official chosen one and have to go on to save the world of “GameEarth,” from the evil invaders from the world “NextGen.” From that point on, it is your typical game of getting to point D, but let’s hit up points A, B, and C because just going to point D is actually not that simple.



As I mentioned in Storyline, the game is very short. It can easily be completed in a day, and there is just not much to it.It feels like more of a game for speedrunners or people that just do not have enough time for gaming and want the excitement of completing a game again.

Art Style:

Now that the bad parts are out of the way, let’s talk about the good parts. The art style for this game simply is amazing. It is colourful and vibrant, and it feels as though there is not a single empty space on the screen at any point in the game. There were a few times where the background kind of mixed in with the playable foreground and caused a lot of confusion as to what was going on.

The sound design was a little less impactful, and they honestly, after playing it, I can’t name a sound that was played that really left an indention in my brain besides the bullet firing sound. Maybe I was shooting so much that the music was covered up because as I write this, all I can hear is “bang bang. Grenade, bang, dash…death noise.”


Arguably the strongest part of this game, the gameplay holds solid. The game knows what it wants to be and executes it perfectly. It wants to remind the player of those old school arcade shooters but also reinvents those arcade shooters so that they are not as hard. Adding a dash, double jump, and cover system, which are supposed to be utilised whenever there is a big firefight. Despite having so many ways to avoid being killed, I still found myself dying a lot because this game is hard. Most things in this game will kill you in one or two hits, and I found myself being eaten, vaporised, crushed and exploded a lot, but that is the point of the game.

It’s supposed to be a learning curve of play, die, do a bit better, die again until you finally get things right. When you finally do get past that part that has killed you off 46 times, you finally feel refreshed, and the game tends to hit you up with a quick joke or humour to try and cheer you up before the next boss fight that kills you another 46 times.


Speaking of humour, I would like to touch up on that actually. The game itself is a big metajoke, game mechanics that have been traditions for years, and then saying “what if that was real life?” As such, there are plenty of jokes about your character respawning, and how horrific it feels to die over and over again. The pure joke of the game taking place in an arcade style game world that is being invaded by “NextGen” super soldiers that are led by a man that looks like Marcus Fenix from the Gears of War series is not lost on me either.

There is actually a point in the game which I found insanely funny for fairly gruesome reasons. Your character is captured and contained to the point where you cannot move. After sitting there for a minute thinking that the game was still in a cutscene, I realised that I could still aim Shine, my gun. I then had to aim Shine at my head, and kill myself. It is a sort of situation I have never seen before in video games. I have never had to kill myself in order to continue the game, and I found great appreciation in that moment.

Personal Thoughts:

The game itself is good. I would say that it is at least above average for a side scrolling game, and once you get past yelling out every expletive you can think of until you are light-headed and about to pass out, you come to realise that the game was actually pretty fun. Yes it was hard, and yes you died against the final boss 282 times, but you come off leaving the game with a slightly empty feeling, like the game left a hole in you that can only be filled by some other game. Literally any other game. If you are feeling brave enough, you could try the Iron Man mode, but that is just taking a hard game and making it harder, and in doing so, I give you the warning that you WILL pass out from screaming every expletive in existence if you play Iron Man mode.

Rise and Shine is a solid game, but I do not think it is worth the price it asks for. Yes I had fun, and yes I enjoyed the game, but the amount of content to the game is small to the point where it just does not seem worth anything over $10. If it wasn’t for that, I would even tell you to “go off and buy it now,” but unfortunately, the game on the marketplace is just too expensive, for what it gives you, and as an Indie title, I do not feel it will be getting any new content added to it either, which is a shame, but if you like rage inducing games, and cursing like a sailor, then I am sure you will enjoy this game.

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The Good

  • Gameplay is fun
  • Amazing Art Style
  • Difficult Without being too Frustrating

The Bad

  • Short
  • Story is Generic

Written by: Matthew Linder

I am what I would call myself an artist. I do small amounts of voice acting, writing, and also have my own Let's Play Youtube channel that I do as a hobby. Warning: I am not as controlled in my words, and may say offensive things on my channel. Please know I do not mean any of it, and am just having fun. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5bv_IB1bI8phiC8Bd6PY5Q

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