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Telltale just released the second part of their Guardians of the Galaxy series, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Guardians of the Galaxy – Episode 2: Under Pressure is just as good as the first. They once again nailed fun quick time events and really brought out the characters of the Marvel universe. Like the last episode, it was fairly short, but I found myself more enthralled and engaged with game play than with the previous installment.

Warning! This review reveals crucial plots of the story, and contains loads of spoilers. Scroll to the bottom if you only wish to see the review score!

Thanos with the Eternity Forge

Thanos and the Eternity Forge

The story continues where the last ended: Peter has been revived by the Eternity Forge after suffering a fatal wound from Hala. The other Guardians are questioning the healed Peter, but are quickly reassured when he explains the situation. He tells them that Eternity Forge requires the sacrifice of another life, which he concludes must have been the life of Thanos. Suddenly, Hala attacks the ship, and the player helps Star-Lord maneuver out of the attack. After escaping, the team heads to the planet Rajak for repairs. They arrive, and Peter takes them to none other than Yondu, the ravager leader. Peter then pulls out the Eternity Forge and tells Yondu of the chasing Kree. Yondu touches the glowing artifact, and we return to the same dream sequence of Peter and his mother stargazing atop a car. Peter notices that there is something different about this dream. His mother mentions his killing of Thanos and a new, hourglass constellation appears in the sky. It quickly fades into writing, but not before Peter recognizes it as the Eternity Forge. He asks his mother what it means, but she fades away, and her voice echoes “Come find me Peter.” Thus the dream sequence ends.

Peter tells everyone about what they saw in this ethereal world, when suddenly, the Eternity Forge begins to glow and reveal glyphs. Gamora recognizes these glyphs as ancient Kree but cannot read it herself. However, her sister Nebula can. The guardians debate on whether they should find Nebula or not. Rocket thinks the idea is suicide, while Drax is more than eager for a challenge. Yondu remains neutral but offers to fix their ship for whatever journey have in mind. Rocket storms off in anger, but Peter quickly calms him down by reminding him of the power of the Eternity Forge. Rocket admits he had someone from his past that he would like to revive. The player can choose whether they want to help Rocket with his friend or find Nebula first. Back inside, Gamora hears that Nebula is going after Thanos’ body at the Nova Corps base. The player can choose once more to go after Nebula or head to Halfworld for Rocket. Now I decided to help Rocket and travel to Halfworld, so the following sequence of events may be different if you chose to find Nebula instead.

Home, Sweet Home

Home sweet home?

On Halfworld, you find an abandoned lab that Rocket calls his old home. Behind the lab is the grave of Lylla, Rocket’s friend.  The Eternity Forge begins to glow in Rocket’s hands as he kneels over the grave. Peter quickly realizes what Rocket plans on doing and lunges for the Eternity Forge, only to transmit them both into a dream sequence. You find yourself in the Halfworld lab, where Rocket is undergoing an experiment from an unknown scientist. Once he finishes, the scientist throws the unconscious raccoon into a cage. As he wakes up, Rocket is greeted by Lylla, an otter who seems to have the same modifications as Rocket. They start discussing how to escape, and Rocket reveals the electronic wristband he plans on using to break out. He attaches a display onto the wristband and learns that there are plans to kill Lylla. Their talk is interrupted by the returning scientist who walks in and tells Lylla that they are ready for her lethal injection. Robots carry her away, and Rocket must evade his own pursuing robots via quick time events. He makes it to the injection room and and frees Lylla, however she had already been injected. They manage to escape outside the lab, only for her to die in his arms.

Back in reality, Rocket is upset that Peter saw his horrific past and even more upset that the Eternity Forge didn’t work. With some ‘coercing’ from Peter, Rocket calms down, and the Guardians leave the planet. Once in space, Gamora finds out that Nebula has reached the Nova Corps outpost and is quickly closing in on Thanos’ body. The Nova Corps contact them and reveal that Thanos’ body is actually on a ship headed for deep space. Nebula stole a spacecraft from the Nova Corps and is en route to the ship carrying the body. Star-Lord offers help, and they make their way towards the chase. He tries to convince them that Nebula is needed alive, but the Nova Corps are intent on using deadly force. They end up stunning a few of the Nova Corps ships and continue to pursue Nebula in an asteroid field. With some clever maneuvering, you are able to subdue Nebula’s ship. Star-Lord jumps out to get her, leading to a small skirmish that results in Neubla losing an arm to a door. After carrying her to their own ship, Gamora and Peter begin an interrogation session to try and convince her to help them translate the glyphs on the Eternity Forge. She refuses, taunts Gamora, and is quickly knocked out. Since she wont help willingly, they remove the translation chip from her head. Star-Lord uses the chip to translate the glyphs and finds out it reads “Find me at the temple”. When Gamora asks what that means, Peter states that he’s certain the message is coming from the person sending him the mysterious visions. The Guardians then make way back towards the abandoned Kree planet, where they first found the Eternity Forge. Upon arriving, you’re given another big decision: who will stay aboard and guard Nebula, and who will explore the temple. Drax doesn’t trust Gamora to do what is needed to keep Nebula subdued, and Nebula thinks Drax wants to kill her. Whatever decision you make, either Nebula or Drax will join you with Groot at the Kree temple.

I am Groot.

I am Groot.

On the planet’s surface, you find yourself back in the room where you fought Thanos. Star-Lord investigates the area with his scanner, and sees that Hala was here at the temple as well. You make it to a giant door that Hala somehow entered. After scouting the area and solving a puzzle, you are able to open the giant door and reveal a giant mural/ Star-Lord uses his decipher and finds out that the Eternity Forge was used to entomb someone across the galaxy on a planet called Emnios. Peter reveals that he knows exactly where that planet is, and the Guardians make their way back towards the ship.

I never I would see Rocket like this...

I never thought I would see Rocket like this…

Back on board, Peter finds a distraught Rocket working in the engine room. Rocket divulges all of the guilt he felt when Lylla died, and even admits that he loved her. Peter tells him to stay strong, and the player is given the option to tell him to keep the wrist piece as a reminder, or tell him to move on. As they are finishing up, there is a disturbance on the ship. Kree soldiers board, and you find yourself in the best quick time event battle yet. You start taking out soldiers a few at a time, eventually reaching the room where Nebula is kept. The player finds themselves with another difficult decision: keep her locked up, or release her to help fight the Kree. I freed her, and she helped keep the Kree from taking over. Star-Lord has a gutsy conversation with Hala over the radio, telling her they will continue on with the Eternity Forge. The crew then makes their way to Emnios. Once there, Star-Lord and Gamora leave for the giant temple in the distance With the glowing Eternity Forge in hand, Peter and Gamora enter a golden glowing room within the temple, only for the scene to fade to black. Telltale has left us with yet another cliffhanger.

I'm sure there is nothing crazy in here.

I’m sure there’s nothing crazy in there.

Overall, Telltale has once again captured my attention with the release of Guardians of the Galaxy – Episode 2: Under Pressure. Although short, they have exceeded my expectations with clever quick time events and a little unknown history about beloved character Rocket Raccoon. There are still some of the technical issues that plagued the first game, such as freezing and lag during quick time events, but they occurred less frequently then before. The release date of Episode 3: More Than a Feeling has yet to be announced, but it can’t come soon enough!

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The Good

  • Great story progression
  • Origin story of Rocket Raccoon

The Bad

  • Short
  • You might cry a little

Written by: Eugene Belmont

A proud dad and nerd, Eugene has been playing a wide variety of video games since the late 1980’s. He is also a co-host of the Gaming Culture Radio podcast.

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