The US Game Industry Made $30.4 Billion In 2016

It looks like the US game industry has collected a lot of money from consumers in 2016. Just last year, the U.S. spent $30.4 billion on video games or hardware. To break the numbers down specifically, $24.5 billion was spent on games alone. That is a large portion of the money spent on games alone in 2016 equating to just over 85% of sales.

From the games that have sold, 74% of the sales accounted were digital games. This gives producers a big look into what players are buying across the entire market. These statistics allow developers to create future hardware that can hold a large amount of data due to the large percentage of digital games bought. Among the digital sales, downloadable content, subscriptions, mobile and social games are included. This spans a wide variety of people and platforms who play games in the United States.

Not only do the statistics include the amount spent on games, but it also includes how many households own certain types of hardware. Within the data that was released, it states that 67 percent of United State’s households own at least one gaming device. These gaming devices could include a smartphone, computer or console. Specific data was released for each piece of hardware as well.

US Game Industry

Computers rank the highest owned device coming in at 97 percent. With the ever growing smartphone market, there is no surprise that they are second at 81 percent. Consoles and virtual reality devices come in last at 48 and 11 percent respectively. With all these devices and games, the game industry has been booming for the past few years. It seems to ever be growing as it added $11.7 billion to the U.S. GDP in 2016.

All of this data comes from the Entertainment Software Association who collects data yearly. If you want to check out the full details from the US game industry, then you can look at their 2016 annual report.

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Written by: Bryson Hile

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