5 Comic Book Characters That Need Their Own Video Game

After the enormous success of the Batman Arkham Series, which when it defied expectations, it was proven that licensed games can actually be absolutely amazing.

With its addictive gameplay, outstanding voice acting, compelling story, and beautiful art direction, it was a no-brainer that the series would be a hit with both comic book geeks and video game fans all over the world and would be a strong contender for Game of the Year.


In Netherrealm’s latest fighting game, Injustice 2, we have the chance to get our favorite superheroes and supervillains from the DC Universe to battle it out. After playing through Injustice 2’s story mode, I’ve found myself wanting more from a lot of the characters as well as fighting and wanting to become more and more invested in their individual stories and learn more about them.

What I really hope to see is a compelling story-based action adventure game centered on a strong character with exciting and interesting gameplay. The Spiderman game on PS4 has shown glimpses of greatness during its gameplay trailer at E3 2017.

It’s also been awesome to see comic books receive Telltale’s unique brand of interactive storytelling which puts players in the mind set of the characters of their favorite comic books and graphic novels.

These include Batman, The Wolf Among Us, Guardians of the Galaxy, and let’s not forget the intense, suspense-ridden series of The Walking Dead which recently wrapped up its 3rd season.

Now that the beloved Arkham franchise has (seemingly) run its course, I think that it’s time that another much-loved comic book character received the video game treatment. Let’s take a look at the comic book characters who well and truly deserve to be the star of their own video game.



Everyone’s favorite cat burglar and Gotham City Siren, Selina Kyle, has had her moment to shine in both Arkham City and Arkham Knight, as she was a playable character during certain missions in those respective games. She’s also appeared in the recent Batman from Telltale games and in both Injustice: Gods Among Us and Injustice 2.

But, I definitely feel she has the potential for a great standalone story driven game. With the huge popularity and success of stealth-driven games in recent years, such as the Dishonoured series, a Catwoman game would provide a lot of scope for thrilling stealth action and utilization of her weapons and agility. Not to forget the pickpocketing mechanic as featured in Arkham City and Arkham Knight DLC .

What could also be interesting is a lot of role-playing elements.  These include the chance to upgrade abilities and outfits which can bring about certain abilities and skills.

There would be a lot more whimsical Gotham City settings than what you would see in a Batman game, as previewed in the short-but-sweet Arkham Knight DLC story mission, Catwoman’s Revenge, with the Riddler’s hideout toy shop.



With the recent announcement of a Joss Whedon-directed standalone Batgirl movie, Batgirl definitely deserves her own standalone video game too.

She’s no stranger to video games after being a playable character in Injustice: Gods Among Us and A Matter of Family. After playing the latter, I was craving a lot more Batgirl action and lamenting the briefness of this story-based DLC. She could really do with something a lot more substantial. The obvious would be the Barbara Gordon incarnation, and the game could follow the storyline of the New 52 story arc.

There would undoubtedly be a barrage of foes to face, providing scope for exhilarating combat which showcase Batgirl’s moves and abilities really well. She would also be struck by the encounter of a number of nefarious villains including the Ventriloquist, providing some epic boss battles. I can just imagine how awesome the trendy setting of Burnside would look in the game.

There can be lots of missions which will allow players to utilize Barbara’s hacking abilities that we were given a glimpse of in the Batman Arkham Knight DLC, A Matter of Family.

These gameplay elements accompany a gripping story that looks at the relationship and family conflict between Batgirl and her father, Jim Gordon.

Whether it’s a pre-Oracle Barbara Gordon, Cassandra Cain, or Stephanie Brown, I hope a Batgirl game is on the cards in the future.


Green Arrow

After the success and popularity of the TV series and comic books, a video game interpretation of Green Arrow would be a developer’s dream. There are a lot of video game protagonists to whom the bow and arrow is the weapon of choice. An open-world Green Arrow game with an array of side missions and main storyline will fascinate players for hours. It is something fans of the Arrow series would definitely look forward to.

With an array of weapons and equipment including grappling hooks, flash grenades, tear gas, trick arrows and kryptonite arrows, there’s scope for plenty of varied combat, a comprehensive crafting system, and interesting gameplay mechanics. Of course, I love a game with a gripping and heart-warming romantic subplot.

We got a tiny glimpse of the relationship between Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance in Injustice 2’s story mode. So, with an appearance from Black Canary, it would be interesting to really expand on that and explore the relationship in lots of depth, while somehow incorporating her own set of abilities and powers into the game itself.



It wouldn’t be below the belt to say that Superman hasn’t had much luck in the world of video games. How about we just disregard that monstrosity that is Superman 64? Or just have a laugh on YouTube by watching people absolutely ripping it to shreds about how truly awful it really is?

Better still, if there was a studio out there who could make a game starring the Man of Steel, there’s a huge chance that they could really do it justice (see what I did there?).

First of all, an origins story (most likely based on the Superman: Earth One graphic novel series) following a young Clark Kent on a journey to becoming Superman would potentially translate very well into a video game. Playing through a series of exciting missions, acquiring, developing, and utilizing super-abilities while taking on powerful enemies would provide players with an interesting challenge.

Not to mention a gritty, intense story that would make for some spectacular cinematic cutscenes.  It’d definitely be much more than just flying through hoops and encountering numerous bugs and glitches.


Jessica Jones

With the huge popularity of the Netflix TV show, Jessica Jones would be a lot more different to the people on this list because it would produce a different video game. A darker and grittier LA Noire-inspired would be a perfect way to give Jessica Jones the video game treatment that she deserves.

The best way that it could be a game is to feature a heavy role-playing elements with the inclusion of NPCs and plenty of extra side missions and acquisition of clues and artifacts. Accompanied by a strong storyline, exciting and varied gameplay mechanics which show off Jessica Jones’ detective skills, along with a visually stunning metropolitan setting and lots of elements of neo-noir, we could be onto a winner here.

Which other comic book characters do you feel deserve the video game treatment? Let us know below…

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Written by: Laura Francis

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