Ghost of a Tale – Recapturing The Sense of Wonder

Dreamworks is the creator of plenty of amazing movies. Some titles include The Prince of Egypt, Sinbad, and SharkTale. Now, what does any of this have to do with the Indie title Ghost of a Tale? After all, Dreamworks is not working on video games. However, the supervising animator, Lionel Gallat, who worked on those movies, decided to work on creating a beautifully designed action adventure game that “recaptures the sense of wonder.”

Ghost of a Tale(2)

Ghost of a Tale takes place in a fantasy medieval world filled with enormous amounts of lore. Many different kingdoms belong here such as frogs, spiders, leeches and crabs, but most importantly, Rats and Mice. The player plays as a mouse known as Tilo and must make his/her way through dungeon after dungeon of a fort on an island in the middle of nowhere. So, with nowhere to run, Tilo must sneak his way past Rats, both alive and dead, along with various other terrifying creatures from the other kingdoms.

Ghost of a Tale

Not too much has been released in regards to the story as Gallat wants everyone to experience the mystery and sense of discovery as the player pieces together the world around him/her. Ghost of a Tale has been set back several times when it comes to a release date, and currently, there is only an early access version on PC, but currently, the game is planned to release sometime this year in 2017 on PC and Xbox One.

Since the game has been pushed back 3 years, it is impossible to honestly say it will not be pushed back again, but there is more hope now than ever as Gallat has received more and more help on this project over the years, including interests from Microsoft itself.


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Written by: Matthew Linder

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