Kiss Your Savings Goodbye: You’ll Need Them for a Massive Xbox Sale

Sound the alarm because over 250 Xbox 360 titles are on sale until May 22nd. You can save up to 75% on titles ranging from AAA to indie. If you’ve ever wanted to try out that one game (or ten) on the Xbox 360, now is the perfect time to grab it and run! Notable deals include Red Dead Redemption, the Witcher 2, the Gears of War trilogy, Borderlands 1 and 2, numerous Call of Duty titles, and more. The chance to save is extended to DLC and seasons passes in many cases, as well. Notably, you can pick up all of Borderlands 2’s DLC for just $9.00 USD: a fantastic DLC deal if there ever was one.


The sale is not limited to purely Xbox 360 backwards compatible titles. Along with 250 Xbox 360 titles, you can find about 30 titles for the Xbox One on sale. Special discounts include the Destiny Collection, Final Fantasy XV, and most importantly, I Am Bread – a hallmark of next-gen gaming. This is the kind of sale Xbox gamers have been waiting for – on par with the kind of sales usually reserved for PC gamers on Steam. Act now and you can grab some of the best games of the 7th Console generation – games still absolutely worth playing today.

i am bread

A full list of discounts can be found at Major

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Written by: Sam Goldstein

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