Microsoft Already Looking for the Next Big Thing

In an interesting piece of news, Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, has been giving statements on what Xbox is going to be doing in the future to further their hold on the gaming community.

In a recent interview with Gamasutra, Spencer spoke about what the”next thing” for Microsoft was going to be in terms of Xbox.  He said that the next big leap after the Scorpio is already being planned out.

Spencer says that he is a “strong believer in console, and what that appliance means in my family room, under my TV.” He went on to say that the advantages of having a console are the accessibility of it all, how it auto-updates,  power options, and how “these things make it  feel a lot more like my cable box than it does my laptop”. 

He goes on to say that he appreciates the console because of how it’s built for gaming; you can just turn it on and play games. It’s less like a PC in that way as you can do more on a computer than on a gaming console.

So, what is Microsoft planning for the future? Well, Spencer also told interviewers that they are going to go more the service route with Xbox Live, and they view them as more of supplements rather than straight replacements for anything else. They want to take Xbox Live and create a virtual web that wherever a person goes, whatever device they may be on, they will have access to the Xbox world. They’ve already set that into motion by releasing the Beam streaming service.

So are you excited for the world-wide Xbox Live?

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Written by: Tim Kallman

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