Monster Hunter Worlds Confirmed

While people wait to see if Monster Hunter: Double Cross comes to the west or not tomorrow, they will be happy to know that Monster Hunter is coming back to the Home consoles in a huge way with Monster Hunter Worlds.

Shown off during the Sony E3 Conference, it had shown off a hunt to the likes we have never seen before: with stealth elements, a glowing light to point out collectibles, a possible return to swimming, destructible environments that can be used against monsters, and vast landscapes never seen before in the series of Monster Hunter. We are also introduced to a brand new monster in the form of a T-Rex like monster with a horn and wings. It is hard to say if this is a deviljho or a new possible flagship monster, but we can see that this monster actually does give chase to the player as it tries to flee from it, leaving it possible that this could be Monster Hunter’s first Open World game with no separate areas. Another fun question is if Monsters will actually engage in fights against each other as we see a Rathalos attack this new monster while the player watched. Finally, there will be drop-in and out co-op and you can hunt with three other players online.

While this was indeed confirmed for an Early 2018 release, it should be noted that after the reveal, Monster Hunter’s Twitter came on to clarify that Monster Hunter Worlds will release on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Pc.

Are you excited for Monster Hunter on consoles? Will we see Double Cross in the west tomorrow? Stay tuned with Xbox Culture as we will continue to bring you more details as they come out.

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Written by: Michael Solseth

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