Overwatch: Uprising Event Begins Now

With King’s Row Uprising just around the corner, the next wave of skins for the Overwatch heroes has just been revealed, alongside with how the upcoming event will work.

In the trailer released for Overwatch Uprising, we see the attack on King’s Row with Reinhardt, Torbjorn, Mercy, and Tracer all wearing the Overwatch blue armor attire as they are dispatched to fight off the attack of Purple Omnics as they run rampant in King’s Row. From the mode, it does offer a fun insight of how Overwatch used to operate from years ago as this was Tracer’s first mission when she joined the Organization.
Hopefully, this will be the first of many various PvE modes that cover the “Omnic Crisis,” a war between Man and Machine that almost ended in the eradication of the human race.

While we see the featured Agents of Overwatch get new skins to wear, we also have McCree wearing all Black and Genji who looks to be in the process of turning full cyborg in their Blackwatch attire, Bastion in purple (the same color as the enemies in the PvE mode) and other various colors from the Omnic Crisis, Orisa gets a special purple “OS-14” skin that is also featured in Uprising, and Widowmaker who is looking less purple than she usually is. Finally, with the new skins, we have plenty of other special collectibles too, such as new Highlight Intros for Torbjorn, D. Va, and Zenyatta, Emotes for Hanzo, 76, and Pharah, and plenty of new Sprays for everyone.

As a part of this event, there were a few updates done to a few of the modes, as well,  in-game. Heroes Gallery now has lore given to not only each playable hero but to some of their skins, as well. It can be rather fun to learn the history of some skins while others go into details of previous events completed.

Meanwhile, on the competitive side, capture point tiebreakers are now a thing of the past as a new rule has been implemented. If in a situation where both teams are unable to fully capture a point, whichever team was able to get closer to 100% takes the win.

Be sure to check out the event while it lasts from now to May 1st.

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Written by: Michael Solseth

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