Star Wars Battlefront II Will Be The Best Star Wars Game Ever

Many will instantly disagree with the statement above and that is completely okay. Everyone is entitled to their opinion which is why I am writing my own. I think the new Star Wars Battlefront II game will be the best Star Wars game ever! Now, those who disagree with the statement above believe that Knights of the Old Republic or Jedi Knight Academy should receive and keep the title for “Best Star Wars Game Ever”, but with multiple studios working on new Star Wars games such as Visceral Games and Respawn Entertainment; that title is going to be fought over in the near future.

One older game that seems to hold the crown for “Best Star Wars Gamer Ever” is the original Star Wars Battlefront II. This game encapsulated everything that fans of the series and gamers wanted in a Star Wars game. The original game set the bar for the reboot that released in 2015 and it fell very short. The amount of content and lack of a single-player campaign made this game receive mediocre reviews and an angry fan base.


And to top it all off, EA released a season pass that cost almost the same amount as another whole game. Fans were furious, myself included. Even Star Wars actor, John Boyega, tweeted at EA asking about a single-player campaign in the next game. After what I have seen from E3 and the details released from EA about the game, I am very confident that the reboot of Star Wars Battlefront II will take the crown of “Best Star Wars Game Ever”.

Player Feedback

The reboot of the Star Wars Battlefront series was a disappointment. Throughout the entirety of the first game, players tweeted, posted and shouted what they wanted for the game. Many wanted a single-player campaign added, but EA failed to do so. Instead, they added an offline skirmish option with only two game modes. Although it was fun with friends sometimes, it didn’t have the same feel a campaign has. Players demanded more content which they got through paid DLC, but it didn’t seem to hold up. EA only added two new heroes, a few maps and a few pieces of equipment every update that seemed to feel all the same. All of these attempts to compensate for their mistakes had failed and now players were getting angrier over what they had received.

Luckily, EA was taking notes the entire time. Ever since we screamed out our wants and demands, Electronic Arts were there writing them down and adding them to Star Wars Battlefront II. The second game is completely built from player feedback. They proved this at the EA Play event on June 10. During the event, Star Wars actor John Boyega’s tweet was put up on the big screen. His tweet was asking about a single-player in the next Battlefront game. Then, all of a sudden a multitude of other tweets surrounded his. They were all tweets about what they wanted or what they disliked about the first game. This reveal proved to us that EA was listening and have delivered us a game we were wanting from the start.



A Single-Player Campaign

The answer to John Boyega’s question above is a big fat YES! Players will be able to take control of Iden Versio who is a member of Inferno Squadron after the destruction of the second Death Star. This unique time frame and point of view have yet to be explored in the Star Wars universe. The game will explore the time between episode six and seven where we will be able to play as major characters such as Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker. This unique gameplay makes the single-player a one of a kind.

In the original game, the campaign only took the form of the movies. There were some alternate timelines depending on the side you were on, but for the majority of it, you were playing the movie’s story. Unlike the original game, the reboot plans to put the player into a different perspective; one unlike anything else we have seen. A different perspective on the Empire will allow gamers to humanise the women and men under the helmets, but also question their actions as they kill rebellion soldiers. All of these different aspects will make this single-player very unique.

All Three Eras

One big disappointment for the first game was the lack of the Clone Wars era. This frustration came even before its launch as EA releases it would only support the original era. Now, in the second game, they have added two new eras, The Clone Wars and the new trilogy. All three of these eras will include weapons, vehicles, equipment, characters, locations and so much more. Cross-era play will be a thing which we definitely saw at the EA Play multiplayer reveal with Rey slashing down droids. This is something we really did not see in the original game. Heroes and villains were assigned to specific maps and sides while there was little contact among other eras and locations.

Not only is the cross-era play important, but it will also make the game a much more immersive experience as players don’t have to worry about using a hero they are not particularly good with. All three eras also make the game much larger than the original Battlefront game. The amount of content that is included this time around is so much more than what we are used to.

Free DLC

The price of the reboot’s season pass at launch was $49.99! This cost almost as much as another game but luckily this time around we won’t have to worry about a pesky season pass. EA is taking from the Titanfall 2 playbook and offering free DLC. The DLC will release in what EA calls seasons, the first being in December once The Last Jedi releases. The season will include two new heroes, Finn and Captain Phasma. John Boyega was the one to make the announcement at EA Play. This announcement of free downloadable content is a relief for all fans of Star Wars which makes me more excited to get my hands on the game.


A Class-Based System

One of the biggest features wrong with the first reboot of the Battlefront series was the lack of multiplayer classes. All you would do was select your star card hand and a single blaster. That was it. It made the gameplay less immersive. The choice of classes gives the battlefront a much more authentic feel. Without those class systems and restrictions, it didn’t feel like a Star Wars game. Classes were such a big part of the originals that it’s almost impossible to not have classes and have it feel like Star Wars. Now that classes are returning, players will be able to customise more of what they want with it feeling real. The four classes that are built into the game seem true and authentic to the franchise. With each class having their own abilities and weapons, the gameplay will stick to its roots.

Star Wars Battlefront II

The original Battlefront II is a game I played a lot of when I was a kid. I still play it today and I will never forget it. Sadly though, it seems something is arriving to dethrone the greatest Star Wars game of all time. The new game will excel in places the original game could not such as more content and better gameplay. These features will ultimately push it to the top until finally, another game topples it. But until then, we can see how Star Wars Battlefront II is reborn into a new and better light. If you have not seen the multiplayer reveal, be sure to watch it below.

What is your favourite Star Wars game of all time? Is it the original Star Wars Battlefront II? Let us know down in the comments.


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Written by: Bryson Hile

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