Windows Central has reported that Microsoft has released a report detailing statistics on Xbox One owners. The surveys were conducted by Microsoft themselves which included 2,000 user responses in the United States. The 2,000 responses are intended to help developers on their upcoming projects.

Out of the 2,000 user responses, Microsoft came up with a large sum of stats for its player base. The average player age on Xbox One is 33 years of age while genders were almost cut in half with males consisting of 58% and females making up the remaining 42%. Another stat taken from the demographics was the household living arrangements: The highest surveyed was 45% who were living with their spouse while the second highest were those who had living arrangements with parents at 23%. Below you can see all the statistics in a graphic courtesy of Windows Central.

Statistics on Xbox One Owners

Turning away from demographics to game style, Microsoft broke up the players into three groups: Socializing, Exploring, and Achievement. Socializing had the largest group coming in at 53%, which consisted of players who play online multiplayer. Within the 53%, players spend an average of 17 hours playing multiplayer games during the week.

The second group called, Exploring, consisted of 49% of the players surveyed. Players within this group play an average of 15 different titles every year and have subscriptions to game services such as EA Access. Windows Central provides a nice graphic to display this data, below.

Statistics on Xbox One Owners

Finally, the last bit of the report consisted of what motivates players to play video games. Altogether, 8,000 users were surveyed across four markets for this section of the report. Furthermore, Microsoft developed 12 core fundamentals that motivated gamers and nine types of gamers. The nine types of gamers are distinguished by players motivations which can be seen below.  For a full breakdown of the stat breakdown, be sure to check out Windows Central.

Statistics on Xbox One Owners

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