Titanfall 2 is Getting New Content

Everyone’s favorite giant mech battle first-person shooter, Titanfall 2, is going to be getting some new content in the form of updates and DLC over the next few months.

From April to June there will be a series of updates bringing you free content which includes: two more maps being added to multiplayer, two more Live Fire maps, and two new Titans to play with. The paid content will be in the form of: two purchasable Prime Titans: the Ronin and the Ton. The game will also receive a series of gameplay updates that will:

-Increase the gen cap to 100

-New private match settings including selectable Live Fire and Coliseum modes

-One new faction

-Marked for Death game mode

-More pilot executions

-A refined matchmaking

-More purchasable items in the store

In this day and age, it’s nice when developers hand out extra game content for free. It’s perfectly acceptable to charge for more content, but it’s when they don’t that really lets fans see how much developers care about their fanbase. No date has been set yet for any of the content, but more details will come soon enough.

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Written by: Tim Kallman

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