What’s New In Dirt 4

Back in January, Codemasters officially announced the impending June release of Dirt 4 the next iteration of their rally racing franchise. This marks the first numbered entry since 2011’s Dirt 3. While the official trailer was released then, actual gameplay details have been released slowly.

That is, until they released their new gameplay trailer.

After watching the video, it’s become clear that Dirt 4 is going to shake up the series in a few new ways.

Your Stage

The biggest and most exciting new feature Dirt 4 will introduce is called “Your Stage.” By manipulating two parameters via sliders, users will be able to create procedurally-generated race stages. The first slider determines complexity, and the second adjusts the track length. After hitting the Generate Stage button, the game will present players with a customised track. If players want something a little different, they’re free to continue generating stages based on their parameters until they see something they’d feel comfortable tearing up with their car.

The game itself will add unique conditions to the stages players have set by adding different road makeup, various environmental elements such as bridges and gates, and even add or remove a town in the middle of the stage.

Dirt 4 Windmill

These player-created tracks can be shared online with friends and even combined to create a brand-new rally championship. Up to 12 tracks can be combined for a single competition. This can be uploaded to the cloud for intense racing competitions among friends, or it can be saved locally and never shown to anybody. The game will even offer up unique challenges for players to compete on these procedurally generated tracks.

According to Dirt 4 developers, they wanted to include this new feature to help lessen the impact of players’ driving becoming simply rote memorisation. Too often, they believe, players in racing games will simply race a map over and over until they have it memorised and could win a rally championship in their sleep. By constantly creating new maps from thin air that nobody has ever seen before, Codemasters hopes to keep racers on their toes at all times.

Other Notes

Dirt 4 Track

Here are a few quick-hitter changes to note about the upcoming game.

-Career mode will revolve around being a driver for hire racing for various teams. The ultimate goal is to win the triple crown which will require winning Rally, Landrush, and RallyCross.
-Players will use cash (from both winnings and sponsorships) to manage a staff and garage. Players will have their own Research and Development team and employees that need to be kept happy with decent contracts.
-Due to licensing issues, the popular Gymkhana mode from previous iterations will no longer be present.
-The game will feature two different driving modes: Simulation (for hardcore purists) and Gamer (which dumbs some elements down to make it easier for newer players).
-There is no offline splitscreen or multiplayer. Crushing your friends will have to be done online.
-The Rally locations will vary widely from hilly, asphalt-laden Spain to the much flatter Sweden and Michigan, as well as Wales and Australia. For the Landrush mode: California, Nevada, Baja will be the primary locations. For RallyCross: England, France, and Norway.

Release Date

As of now, the plan is for Dirt 4 to be released on June 9th, 2017. We’ll see you on the track.

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Written by: Jordan Breeding

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