Final Fantasy XV Antagonist Focused DLC Teased

Could we see an episode of Ardyn Izunia in the future?

For those of you who have played Final Fantasy XV, you know that there is no character that is as mysterious as is confusing quite like Ardyn Izunia. From the first time you meet him to the various other times when he confronts you, you are left asking, “Why?” While his backstory is revealed towards the end of the game, it still leaves some questions unanswered. As it turns out, we might be able to get a few of those questions answered in the near future.

In an interview by Game Legends with the game director Hajime Tabata, a question came up about whether or not they were going to be looking more into his past to which he replied, “Yes, we do plan on doing something like that, so you can absolutely look forward to seeing that.”

It is difficult to say if this would be something that focuses on his actions around the same time that the game takes place or if we will be looking deeper into his past that led him to be where he is when the game begins. The other question that some are also asking about this possible future DLC is how exactly he would play. For those of you who have completed the game, you might know exactly what he would be capable of, although it is uncertain if he would start off like that or not.

There is no official confirmation at this time if we will get to play as Ardyn Izunia in the future or if this would be a part of the current season pass that allows you to play as Noctis’ party members in their own special scenarios, such as, the recently released episode for Gladiolus and the Prompto DLC scenario.

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Written by: Michael Solseth

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