Insurgency: Sandstorm Revealed at E3

New World Interactive unveiled the sequel to their highly successful title Insurgency, with a trailer for Insurgency: Sandstorm being shown at E3.

Insurgency was originally a mod for the Source engine, under the name Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat.

Insurgency: SandstormInsurgency: Sandstorm is the sequel to Insurgency and is being made via Unreal Engine 4. This will allow the game to have greatly improved visuals and be supported by consoles which is a big change from the original Source-powered title.

New features include a “host of new modes and content to be announced later,” as well as, a new Story Mode.  The Story Mode is playable by up to 4 players (two-player split screen), or solo. According to the publishers, Focus Home Interactive, the story will have players play as a party who are cut off from their support and have to make their way across a war-torn landscape.

Insurgency: Sandstorm
The game will feature online multiplayer as would be expected from an Insurgency title with both Casual and Ranked matchmaking available. Additionally, there will be progression, with cosmetic items, via the Steam Marketplace.

As it is an online, team-focused game, Insurgency: Sandstorm will feature in-game 3D VOIP, allowing easy coordination between team members.

Speaking of team-focused features, according to Focus Home Interactive, the game will have things such as “drivable light vehicles, character customization, unlockable cosmetic items, fire support requests, ranked matchmaking, and more.”

The game will also feature full mod support on PC, including level building, mission creation, importing content, and more!
The E3 trailer can be seen here:

The release date is currently unconfirmed, although once it is revealed, we here at Xbox Culture will break the news!

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