Keyboard and Mouse Controls for Xbox?

Microsoft held an event called ‘Build’ that highlights updates and changes for developers about Microsoft owned products and services. Build 2017 also provides information for any changes that may affect Xbox consoles and Xbox Live that game developers and creators would need to know. The Xbox One’s dashboard is a console modified version of the Windows 10 OS; which is currently running on 500 million devices.

From the event, there was two video game related news coming out of Build 2017.

  1. The Cortana Skill Kit is available for public preview. Microsoft has been developing their own intelligent personal assistant, for their products, named Cortana (from Halo). Cortona is Microsoft’s answer to Amazon’s Alexa and will perform similar tasks and functions across several Windows 10 devices and Xbox One.
  2. The groundwork has been laid to enable keyboard and mouse controls on Xbox consoles. Game developers who are part of the Xbox Live Creators Program can enable keyboard and mouse controls. Microsoft is allowing all Windows functions being accessible across all its devices for developers.

Keyboard and mouse could be a viable option for games in the future but is only available for game creators at this point in time. Keyboard and mouse controls are precise and accurate when compared to most video game controllers. PC controls are disabled on most video game consoles because it gives a clear advantage in online multiplayer settings. Blizzard is trying to crackdown on players who are using keyboard and mouse controls to gain an advantage in online matches for Overwatch on consoles. Microsoft is only enabling this feature for game developers and creators, it is highly doubtful this feature will be made available for public use.

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