IO May Retain Rights to Hitman and Season 2 Coming

Earlier this week Square Enix made headlines in the gaming community after announcing they are hunting for a buyer for IO Interactive, the company’s subsidiary that has handled the Hitman franchise since its inception. Square Enix made the decision after posting a loss of £33 million. The news left gamers wondering almost immediately what this meant for the future of Agent 47, and it seems we may now have an answer.

According to German gaming website, it’s very likely that the rights to the Hitman franchise will remain with IO Interactive despite the impending sale. Furthermore, a second season of Hitman is already in the works and is halfway to completion. The article further suggests that IO Interactive is already seeking new investors to help bring another game to a beloved franchise.

If this rumor proves to be true, it will be interesting to see what route the new game takes. The first season of Hitman, released in 2016, took an episodic approach, with additional missions being available online only and for a limited time. This strategy was viewed as controversial by some gamers while others felt it fit in perfectly with the spirit of the Hitman franchise.

The prospect of a second season of Hitman is an intriguing one, though there’s still the question of what will happen to IO Interactive, if or when a buyer is found. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that the studio’s new owners could dismantle the company and move  the existing IPs to new studios, though given IO’s long history with Agent 47, this seems unlikely.

At this time,, won’t release more information on the source of their information, though they state that they expect IO to officially comment on the news next week.

Sources: TheTech52|

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