Anthony Dennis
Master Chief / Co – Owner
Anthony Started gaming at the age of 6 on the Nintendo 64. He loves all things Donkey Kong and Banjo Kazooie.

When Editing and writing, he disappears into his secret lair surrounded by Crocodiles and has a pet Kangaroo as his personal minion.

Mark Latham
Assistant Editor in Chief
Mark has been with the team for well over a year, working in various areas of the website. Currently, as an editor, Mark makes sure all articles are at a professional standard!

R.C Drews
Senior Writer / Editor
R.C. is a former DJ turned Police Officer turned Freelance Writer. When not overthrowing the oppressive forces of the video game universe, he enjoys gardening and philosophical debate. You can visit his personal blog here (

Tripp Papineau
Sub Editor
Hi, my name is Tripp Papineau, and I’m a freelance Video game journalist from Arkansas, and I’ve been writing for the industry for over four years now. My favorite series is Halo, and I love survival-horror games.

Conner Beckingsale
Sub Editor
The best thing about being a cynic and a pessimist is that you can be pleasantly surprised often.

Amber Bogdan
Sub Editor
Hi! I have a passion for writing and a love for all things xbox shooter/adventure. I’ve worked as a writer for many years under everything from news to coffee grinders. I’m excited to combine my love for games and writing and to share that with Xbox Culture readers.

Paul Collier
Senior Writer
A budding journalist and creative writer with the lofty dream of crafting amazing worlds and stories of AAA titles. Solo writer and moderator of

Mike Sol
Staff Writer
Gaming for as long as he can remember, Mike plays all kinds of games, although his preference would be the beat ’em up games like Dynasty Warriors.

When not gaming, Mike Sol enjoys spending his time with video editing, writing editorials and novel writing (although no official progress has been made on the novel for as long as has been writing).

He honestly didn’t know he wrote an innuendo until he was much older… (gamertag reference)

Fox Carlile
Staff Writer
Don’t define me by my hair, my race, my clothes. I’m only human. And, besides, my gamerscore is vastly more important.

Jacob Flores
Staff Writer
Not much to say. I like writing, I like videogames. One day I decided to combine them and see what happens. I’ve made a book, now maybe time for a game.

Simon Smith
Staff Writer
I am a long time game player who enjoys playing heavy narrative driven experiences and love trying to find the positives in varying games.

Amir Moin
Staff Writer
‘m cheerful and love cracking jokes. Love drawing and watching anime in my free time. Favourite type of game genre’s are RPG like the Witcher and horror like dead space.

Tim Kallman
Staff Writer
Bio: I’ve been into video games my whole life, so much my college major is Game Design and Development. My favorite genres are first person shooters and RPGs.

Nathan Levesque
Staff Writer
I hail from the Great White North. Here I work, play, and most importantly, play video games. Feel free to catch me on Xbox Live, Gamertag: NatetheGreat9. Let’s Overwatch it up!

Matthew Linder
Staff Writer
I am an energetic young lad that likes to have fun. I often enjoy all forms of humor (so if you have a joke, send it my way. Even if it is a horrible pun). I pride myself on being an artistic person that enjoys movies, drawing, paintings, but nothing beats my love of Voice acting and Video Games. Oh Yeah! I also play D&D. Just throwing that out there!

Nick Coffman
Staff Writer
Currently Playing: Titanfall, Doom, Resident Evil 7

John Bettie
Staff Writer
Journalist and gamer from Ireland. Once lost 3 months of my life playing Dark Souls and haven’t really been the same since.

Bryson Hile
Staff Writer
Video games are my life. They let me escape from this world and explore new ones. I now want to explore video games as a whole and write about them for others to enjoy. Game On!

David Beamer
Staff Writer
Resident Brit and newbie journalist. Loves coffee, RPGs, and sarcasm. Hates decaff.

Hugo I.
Founder & Administrator
Words to live by, “Make it Happen” & “Teamwork makes the Dream work”

Hobby turned extremely time consuming hobby, Hugo has been creating & running websites for over a decade & just can’t seem to shake the habit.